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Midnight Radiance - Enchanted 45CM Halloween Wreath with Red LED Glimmer & Black Branch Illusion

Midnight Radiance - Enchanted 45CM Halloween Wreath with Red LED Glimmer & Black Branch Illusion

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🌌 Elevate Your Spooky Soiree: Introducing the "Midnight Radiance" wreath - an ideal blend of nature's darkness and Halloween’s supernatural charm. Crafted to mesmerize and enchant, this piece guarantees a haunting allure to your festive décor.

🚪 A Welcoming Eerie Glow: Be it your front door, a mysterious window, the hauntingly quiet fireplace, or even the garden's darkest corner - this wreath ensures every nook feels the Halloween spirit.

🌳 Nature’s Nocturnal Nuances: Designed meticulously with branches that embody the authentic essence of eerie, black woods, it perfectly captures Halloween's enigmatic aura.

💡 Twinkling Terror: The red LED lights don’t just twinkle; they resonate with Halloween’s very soul. Bask in an ambiance that's both spooky and spellbinding, whether during the day's bewitching hours or the night's haunting moments.

🎨 Artisan Excellence: Not just a décor, but a work of art. Crafted with precision from quality materials, this wreath is set to be a Halloween staple for years.

Why It's A Must-Have: More than just an ornament, it’s an experience. Uplift your Halloween celebrations and ensure your dwelling radiates the most captivating eerie elegance in the neighborhood.

Specifications & Notes:

  • Material: Durable High-Quality PVC
  • Dimensions: 45cm Diameter (Note: 42cm represents the widest spread upon unfolding)
  • LED Details: Complimentary light provided with every order. Batteries not included due to logistic restrictions.
  • Craftsmanship: Simulated non-fragile tree branch design. Mild deformation during transit can be easily reshaped manually.
  • Finishing Touch: Black shimmer powder coating for enhanced aesthetics; some shedding is normal and doesn’t affect the product's functionality.

Your Halloween deserves the ethereal charm of the "Midnight Radiance" wreath. Make it part of your tradition. Order now and bask in its magical glow.

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